June 28, 2016




A tandem skydive requires very little training and is the best way to experience a skydive for the fist time. Our aircraft can take a maximum of two tandem instructors and two passengers per flight. Attached to your instructor you will enjoy a 20 min flight to altitude, falling at speeds of over 200 km/h from 10,000 ft and a relaxing 5 minute canopy ride down to the ground. The whole experience usually takes 1 – 1.5 hours.


Have all the action of your jump captured and edited into your own skydiving video. We offer three media packages; a instructor filmed hand-cam, a third person pro-cam, or a combination of the two camera angles as our ultimate-cam option. Once the video is edited we send you the link to download to your computer or mobile device. 

To ensure we are able to provide the media package you desire please request the option while booking.


Hand-cam captures your facial expressions in free-fall and under canopy. When you choose the hand-cam option you still have the option too ride up in the plane with one friend.


Pro-cam captures an amazing 3rd person footage of your exit, free-fall, and landing. When you choose the pro-cam option you no longer can share the ride up with people in your group.


Ultimate-cam captures both the Pro & Hand-cam angles options and combines them for the ultimate skydive media experience.When you choose the Ultimate-cam option you no longer can share the ride up with people in your group.


The first jump course is for someone who wants to learn to skydive.

This is not a Tandem Skydive! 🙂

The course is run on a Friday night and is approximately 4 – 5 hours long. Jumping will be scheduled the following Saturday or Sunday (weather permitting). Upon completion the course you will be permitted to jump under the supervision of our instructors. Your first jump will be made from 3,500 feet and your instructor will deploy your parachute once you let go of the plane. You will then be guided via radio by a instructor on the ground. Once you have completed your first jump its best to talk to your instructors and see which program is better suited for your progression. We offer both (GFF) Gradual Free-fall and (PFF) Progressive Free-Fall programs through the Canadian Sport Parachuting Association. You will be required to become a member of the association after completing your 10 skydive. All repeat student jumps must be made within 6 months of your last jump made, or additional re-training of your last level may be required at your own expense.

All students must be 18 years of age, physically fit, have no problems understanding the English language, and weigh a maximum of 220 lbs.


The GFF Program takes 17 to 25 jumps to complete:

GFF is better suited for students who are okay with a slower progression. This progression forces students to focus one or two new tasks on each jump. This method of instruction is not hands on as your instructor will only supervise your jump and provide feedback for your next skydive. Your jumps will start at 3500 ft and progressively go higher as you master more skills.


The PFF Program takes 10 to 15 jumps to complete:

PFF is a faster progression and more complex progression where instructors are hands on with students in free-fall. Students are given multiple tasks to achieve in each jump. Two instructors are required for the first three levels and one instructor is required for the remainder of the levels. All jumps are done at an altitude of 10000 ft or higher. Each jump requires a lot more preparation and concentration from both the student and instructors.


Our team has jumped in numerous community events all over Vancouver Island. We have a very experienced team of skydivers and we would love to jump into your event!

For pricing and more information about demonstraion jumps, please email us at office@victoriaskydiving.com